Alussa UV Inkjet Leather Printing

Alussa UV Inkjet Leather Printing




Push the boundaries of leather printing – opt for Alussa, Agfa Graphics’ revolutionary leather printing solution that relies on UV inkjet technology to create unique and stunning prints in any quantity. 



Revolutionizing leather printing through unparalleled personalization and UV inkjet technology, the Alussa leather printing solution enables you to deliver superb craftsmanship. Enjoy the freedom to create unique and durable prints for footwear, handbags, clothing, furniture and more in any volume. 

Combine logos, initials and pictures with a contemporary, eclectic or experimental style – whatever your purchaser needs, Alussa will produce with quality and detail, every time.

The Alussa leather printing solution hinges on proprietary chemistry and a robust and reliable UV-inkjet printer, which is characterized by its fast start-up, as well as its Print & Prepare option to prepare the next job while printing. It produces less waste and is a lot more environmentally sound than alternative techniques for leather printing.

Combine Alussa with our Arziro Authenticate software to verify the authenticity of the printed leather products.