Duratex 3 Year SAV Gloss White M80 762mm x 50m [EDSA200A]

Duratex 3 Year SAV Gloss White M80 762mm x 50m [EDSA200A]

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Duratex 3 Year SAV Gloss White M80 762mm x 50m roll

Duratex Duratex Media.

Duratex 3 Year SAV Gloss White M80.



For Solvent, UV and Latex Inks

Material Description.

Duratex 3 Year SAV Gloss White M80 is an economical high gloss white monomeric adhesive vinyl. The smooth UV protected surface ensures high quality printing with good area fillings and sharp images, and quick drying of inks and resins.

Material Characteristics.

·       Monomeric Calendered Vinyl

·       Cadmium Free

·       Gloss white UV protected adhesive

·       Good printability

·       Brilliant colour reproduction and sharp edge definition

·       Dispersion-based acrylic permanent adhesive

·       Siliconised white paper backing.


·       Short term indoor and outdoor advertising

·       Exhibition and stand graphics

·       Indoor durable signs and displays

·       Shop displays





Physical Properties.

Thickness: White Gloss Vinyl

80 micron

Print Side


Reverse Side

White paper 120 g/m


Dispersion-based permanent acrylic


Monomeric Calendered Vinyl

Dimensional stability

<1.00 mm

Elongation at breaking point

MD min. 180%, CD min. 180%

Adhesive Strength: 20 minutes

Finat 1     14 N/25mm

Adhesion Strength: 24 hours

Finat 1     17 N/25mm

Expected Outdoor Life Span

3 Years


Storedunder normal conditions (10 - 25 degrees C at a relative humidity of 30 – 75%) the product will have a shelf life of 2 years. Higher humidity and/or temperature can affect the product performance. Always store the product in the original packaging.





The information provided in this datasheet is given in good faith and correct at the time of going to print. Before using the media please check its compatibility for your printer and intended application. Technical specifications are subject to change, therefore we do not take responsibility for misprints resulting from technically modified inks and/or printers.