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ASAHI SE 4.70 42X60 BOX OF 5

ASAHI SE 4.70 42X60 BOX OF 5

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Solid Photopolymer - Soft type plate available in analogue and digital

The AFP™-SE/DSE flexo plate meets the most demanding criteria of quality in printing corrugated board, solid board and heavy-duty bags. Its ideal shore hardness and resilience characteristics compensate for the surface unevenness of the substrate. Its dimensionally stable polyester base sheet adds to its ability to achieve very high quality, while the wide exposure latitude of the AFP™-SE/DSE plate ensures that image elements like tones and isolated lines are optimally anchored even with a relief depth of 3 mm.



  • Low dot gain printing & excellent ink transfer. Optimized plate resilience to minimize a washboard effect.
  • Optimized durability for highly aggressive papers.
  • Optimum intermediate depths with steep relief shoulders
  • Compatible with recent screening and microcell technologies.