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Deep cleaning action to remove glaze and calcium deposits.

Product Features

· Varn® Calcium Deglazer is formulated to meet the ever-increasing problem of calcium build-up on rollers and

blankets. Calcium build-up in the past has been attributed to ink pigments and water conditions, but due to the

increasing amounts of fillers being used in coated substrates, the problem has increased dramatically.

· Varn® Calcium Deglazer is dynamically effective in the removal of glaze from contaminated rollers and

blankets, returning the rollers and blankets to their original condition.

· Varn® Calcium Deglazer is approved by leading roller manufacturers.

· Varn® Calcium Deglazer can be used in conjunction with Varn® Cal-Kleen fountain solution as part of a calcium

reduction programme.

· Varn® Calcium Deglazer eliminates ink stripping and ink transfer problems.

Advantages of Varn® Calcium Deglazer

· Highly effective.

· Highly specialised.

· Economical.

· Reduces downtime.

· OEM approved.

· Roller safe.