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Flint Group has long been dedicated to serving the global printing, converting and colourant industries. Our continuing commitment to improve our products and services ensures that you can rely on us for nearly all your printing needs.

Product Features

· Varn® Roller Lube lubricates rollers when printing half web or on printing units that require lubrication when

running without ink.

· Varn® Roller Lube is safe for use on most types of rubber compound (except EPDM).

· Varn® Roller Lube can be sprayed on blankets at start-up to reduce tack.

· Varn® Roller Lube has a high flashpoint (>100°C) and so is not classified as flammable or hazardous.

· Varn® Roller Lube allows ink to be applied without washing up roller train.

Advantages of Varn® Roller Lube

· Lubricates rollers when printing half web.

· Lubricates units without running ink.

· Can be sprayed or applied from wash up bottle.

· High flashpoint (>100ºC) AIII.