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Agfa Azura TS

Azura TS uses ThermoFuse technology to physically bond images to the plate without any chemical processing. The result is highly stable and predictable thermal imaging, without any compromises on press. This built-in simplicity gives Azura TS users an inherently wide working-latitude with fewer variables and higher reliability than other forms of CtP. Azura TS is the recommended technology for printers who require the ultimate in predictable, stress-free, CtP technology. Because it requires no chemical processing, it reduces waste and eliminates prepress steps, helping you create a more streamlined workflow. A breakthrough in CtP Convenience. The innovative Azura TS technology ensures simple, care-free plate production. Press a button, expose a plate ! Because there are no processing variables to worry about anymore, Azura TS offers you consistent and reliable plates, ready for use. The Azura TS plate uses the innovative, proven ThermoFuseTM coating technology. This non-ablative thermal CtP technology gives consistent high-quality chemistry-free thermal CtP plates without any compromise on press. After exposure, the Azura TS plates are cleaned and gummed in one simple step with the Azura Clean Out Unit (COU). This simple, compact and reliable unit requires no developer or replenisher. Nor does the COU need a range of speed settings, brush speeds, pH monitors or temperature controls. Everything is pre-set. The Azura TS plate is ready in minutes with no possibility of image degradation or variation. Thanks to its unique concept, Azura TS gives you reliable, consistent and care-free plate production. Reliable Plates with Predictable Performance Azura TS is suitable for a wide range of commercial printing applications on both sheet-fed and web presses. It delivers razor-sharp image definition without having to change press operating conditions or working practices. It can hold up to 2-98 % screen tints at 200 LPI and 240 lpi Sublima, depending on platesetter capability and delivers runs of up to 100.000, depending on press conditions. Azura TS uses Agfa Graphics’ “Flat Grain Technology’, the high quality grained and anodised aluminium substrate that results in uncompromising press performance with fast ink roll-up and consistent ink/water balance. This shortens make ready, minimising paper waste and downtime and all this using your existing press chemistry - there is no need to change inks, founts or plate cleaners. The end result is MORE EFFICIENCY!