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F900 Flint Extreme Bio

F900 Flint Extreme Bio Product Features Novavit® F 900 EXTREME BIO is a roller-fresh, extremely fast setting process ink series. It is optimally suited for straight-line printing on all multi-colour printing presses as well as for perfecting presses. Beside excellent setting properties, the benefits of Novavit® F 900 EXTREME BIO are highest print sharpness, very high gloss and very high colour strength, as well as very high rub resistance and a significantly reduced tendency for picking and piling. Novavit® F 900 EXTREME BIO meets the requirements of high stacks and allows rapid and reliable further processing. Advantages of Novavit® F 900 EXTREME BIO Extremely fast setting. Rapid and reliable further processing. Highest print sharpness. Very high rub resistance. Very high colour strength. Very high gloss. Ideally suited for gloss coated papers and board.