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Ultraking Xcura EVO UV LED Ink Offset sheetfed

Ultraking Xcura EVO UV LED Ink Offset sheetfed UV low energy and UV LED curing technologies represent the most significant development in energy curing for years. Each technology demands an evolutionary change in ink chemistry. The Ultraking® XCURA and Ultraking® XCURA LED are shining examples of Fli Flint Group, in collaboration with leading OEM’s and lamp manufacturers, has developed, and is now launching, a full range of low energy UV and UV LED curing inks for sheetfed applications: Ultraking® XCURA and Ultraking XCURA® LED. Rodney Balmer, Directo Ultraking® XCURA is specifically formulated to meet the curing challenges of low energy UV technology. A unique key feature of XCURA is that one product will print on certain non-porous substrates, as well as standard coated and uncoated substrates – a re Tyler Newsom, Product Manager Sheetfed Inks North America, states “as commercial printers are pushed to offer shorter and shorter lead times, work-in-progress must be kept to a minimum and jobs have to be turned-around for next day delivery. Low energy UV Ultraking® XCURA LED utilises specially selected materials to match the narrow and targeted wavelength (395nm) that is typical for high power UV LED lamp output. UV LED lamp technology utilizes high power light that emits diode technology, which requires Mr. Newsom continues, “The cost advantages of UV LED technology over traditional UV paired with the instant drying advantages of energy curing really open the door for conventional commercial printers to adopt this technology. Ultraking® XCURA LED provid Ultraking® XCURA and Ultraking® XCURA LED products have high color strength, display excellent ink/water stability and require lower levels of energy to operate. They also comply with ISO 2846-1 and are suitable for printing to ISO 12647-1 standards.