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F908 Flint Low Tack Bio

F908 Flint Low Tack Bio Product Features Novastar® F908 LOW TACK BIO is based on renewable raw materials and is a duct-fresh all-round ink series. It is optimally suited for straight-line printing on all multi-colour printing presses as well as for perfecting presses. The benefits of Novastar® F 908 LOW TACK BIO are excellent ink-water-stability, good setting properties and rapid further processing as well as an optimised correlation to ISO 12647-2 printing standard. Advantages of Novastar® F 908 LOW TACK BIO Optimal approach to ISO 12647-2 standard. Very well suited for all kind of substrates also for picking sensitive papers. All-purpose all-round series. Excellent printability also on perfecting presses. Newest binder technology with optimised ink/water balance. High process stability. Very high gloss. Very high rub resistance. Ideally suited for gloss coated papers.